Top 10 programming languages in 2018

02/06/2018, by J.-C. Colette

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Most Popular Language

According to the site Tiobe Index, the 10 most used languages are:

  1. Java
  2. C
  3. C++
  4. Python
  5. C#
  6. JavaScript
  7. Visual Basic .NET
  8. R
  9. PHP
  10. Perl

This ranking is based on the percentage of the use of a programming language at the global level.

There is little change compared to 2017 in the classification of programming languages.

One can notice an incredible ascent of the C language after falling from Nov. 2015 to August 2017.

This certainly comes from the rise of the Internet of connected objects.

After dropping from 2 Jan. 2016 to Oct 5. 2017, Java has been going back a bit since Oct. 5. 2017 but there is still the dominant programming language thanks to the success of Android.

C++ remains stable despite a gradual decline in recent years.

C# remains stable too, but I regret that it has not won any places knowing that it becomes multiplatform with Xamarin and that it is the language of the platform ASP.NET on Windows.

The gradual rise of Python does not surprise since it is widespread in teaching and research, but it remains a scripting language. This language is increasingly used on servers at the PHP's expense.

But the PHP language still lasts a long time.

Most lucrative programming language

It depends on the sectors and the countries and it is very difficult to give forks. Often the statistics only concern the United States where digital has long been a major place in many sectors. Also know that in large companies, those who have the biggest salaries in computer science are often executives and not pure programmers (project manager, database Administrator...)

You can consult for informational purposes, salaries in the United States in 2016 for different languages.

Language of the year 2018

It is very difficult to make predictions about programming languages.

There is a good progression of C# in Europe (France and Germany), a slight decline in the United States and India.

There is a dramatic increase in R language at the global level, because very used for artificial intelligence.

JavaScript although very used because integrated with all browsers and it can now run server-side with Node.js seems to drop in Europe and the United States.

The Java language is falling slightly too, but is the number one language in India, while the No. 1 language in Europe and the United States is the Python.

This is for the most part, but I forgot like the TypeScript, the VB.NET, the objective-C, ...

I think that the R language will continue to increase in the year 2018, but I consider that the C# language with its cross-platform .NET Core development deserves to be the language of the year 2018.

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