Preferencesoft is a software design company.

We mainly develop software for Windows 10 and Android.

But we also make web applications.

Here is some software for Windows 10. These are real universal apps (UWP apps)

A full page is dedicated to them. They all work on WindowsPhone.

Below is the latest software on Android.

A page is dedicated to software for Android.

Finally, you will find web applications online that are for the most part utilities (converters, generators, ...)

You can also check out the Blog, which keeps you up to date on various software updates.

Software and Web apps

Some applications are in the Windows store, and can be downloaded directly from the store.
Most of these applications run exclusively on the Windows platform. We also design web applications that can run on all current browsers.

Different types of applications.

We will now explain the difference between the types of applications.


Let's start with the classic software.
The software requires an installation on your computer to run.
These programs depend on the operating system and sometimes versions of the system.

If your computer has the Windows 10 system, you can download a software in the windows store or another source.
In the latter case make sure that the software is signed by the Publisher.
Once installed, software can access your personal data, provide data to the outside...
In short be careful and check the privacy policy of the software.

Web application

Other applications made their appearance with the development of the Web technologies: these are the Web applications.
No installation is required on your computer, simply open an internet browser and connect to the address of the application.
Can be given as examples of web applications the wiki, blogs, search engines.
But there are web applications that are more like usual software, like a unit converter, a calculator, a calendar, or the search tools in a dictionary.
The web applications are often less ergonomic software, but may be sufficient when it comes to research into databases, online games etc.

NEW! Bracketext an open source macro interpreter

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