Bracketext Release 1

To write my web pages, I'm currently using Bracketext, a macro language that can automatically generate text output and for example HTML.

I created a macro file that allows me to insert tables, lists, and so on.
For now, no executable file is available, but you can find the source of Bracketext on GitHub.

I give you an example of a text file using current macros

Bla [b] bla bla [/b] bla.

As you can see, the syntax of macros resembles the BBCode, but I wanted to use macros already commonly used by some people.
It is possible to create several types of macros, those that fit on a single block between brackets and those that consist of several blocks and that separate the text. The name of the start and end blocks must be different.

For example:
[beginning]Text between tags[end]

The programming language used to define macros is finally JavaScript because it is available on virtually all platforms. There will be some changes in the passage of arguments, in case tables, to facilitate content analysis.

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