Tronicalc Release 1.1.55

Tronicalc calculator

12/07/2017, by J.-C. Colette

Stable version 1.1.55 of Tronicalc has been updated on 12/07/2017.

In this new version of Tronicalc, we have improved the support for user functions.

For example, declaring a recursive function:

f = (x)-> f (x) * 2

could cause a StackOverflow error by calling the function with any value, for example, f(2).

We now cause an error of the type too many recursion levels.

We wanted to keep recursion because eventually we will add a function of the form ifelse(condition, value_if, value_else)

We'll also add the ability to save user-function declarations.

Now you can set values in variables and declare functions to multiple parameters.

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