Sudofun Release 1.1.35

Sudofun game

05/01/2017, by J.-C. Colette

Stable version 1.1.35 of Sudofun was released today.

There are very few new features in this new version of Sudofun. We have improved the ergonomics of the game. The Solver and Builder modes have been separated. New grids have been added.

But we plan to add to Sudofun a very large number of Sudoku grids sorted by difficulty level.

There is not an infinity of complete Sudoku grids but about 6.67×1021. This large number makes it virtually impossible to determine all the Sudoku grids and store them.

Generally, one does not attempt to determine the nth grid of Sudoku by assuming them classified according to certain criteria.

More often than not, Sudoku grids are randomly generated.

Next, it's about removing numbers from a complete Sudoku grid to get one or more game grids (having a single solution)

But in a random build, it's possible to get the same grid several times. This is unlikely if the generation is really random.

However, the problem is the assessment of the difficulty level of the generated grid. In fact, to assess the difficulty, it is necessary to solve the grid in several different ways, which requires some time to the machine.

For the next release, we will create verified and evaluated Sudoku banks in advance.

In the immediate future, our goal will not be to generate grids randomly but to propose a good selection in Sudofun.

This makes it possible to ensure a fast enough speed for slower computers like smartphones.

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