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01/05/2017, by J.-C. Colette

More and more companies choose to be present on the Internet, but the number of sites has increased in recent years. It is more and more difficult to become known without advertising and go out all alone of the sandbox.

For those not familiar with the internet, creating a website to a host is not enough to make yourself visible on the internet, you need to register on Web search engines or Web directories.

The most well-known worldwide Web search engines are Google and Bing and once your site is created, it will be necessary you to reference by several search engines. Most search engines distinguish commercial sites from others. As soon as a site is considered as commercial, i.e. containing a portion of sale, it will not mount automatically if you do not advertise it. Ideal to win popularity to your site is to create links from other sites to yours and if possible higher ranked than yours. These links called backlinks must point on the page of your site you want to highlight and are to some search engines Paramount. But it is very hard to obtain for free because there is a trade of links. In addition, many links, those of social networks, blogs, some directories and forums are Nofollow that is, they include a mention 'nofollow' and some robots of search engines will not follow these links. Generally, one link to another site takes the form:

<a  href="">Good  site</a>

and if you add "nofollow"

<a  href=""  rel="nofollow">Good  site</a>

For now, only Google would use this principle. So, they will have no influence on the SEO of your site. But this makes bring you curious visitors. You must as soon as possible to find (or possibly buy) backlinks. Beware of backlinks (Nofollow), of dubious site backlinks. Some free or paid directories offer backlinks on a section of your site under certain conditions. You can read this article:

That said, if your site consists exclusively of information and knowledge you will naturally rise in the rankings of some search engines by offering interesting articles and which will increase the number of hits to your site. More the content of your site will be important with attractive publications and more you increase attendance. This will effectively raise your site in the rankings, but you will have to dedicate time.

There may be at any given time an advertising interest at condition to avoid any direct sale on the site, even articles. It takes about two years in these conditions so that your site is gaining in importance and you'll have a lot of work to write articles and to find areas of interest.


To trade, you should consider several forms of sites depending on what you want to sell, but in all cases, you will need to budget advertising within your means and refer you them good providers.

To increase attendance at a commerce site, several methods are available:

+ a presence on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, …)

+ creation of a business blog,

+ comments on sites that affect or far your domain, with possibility to leave your mark or even a link to your site,

+ advertising SEO with Bing, Google, yellow pages in France (advertisements, payment to be included at the top of search results,...)

+ assisted reference proposed by your host,

+ advertising on magazines, newspapers on the internet, which will write an article about you or your products,

+ advertising on social networks,

+ calling for a SEO specialist,

+ advertising on known specialized sites

+ advertising for your Web site on television, ...

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