Graphical representation of functions software


05/01/2017, by J.-C. Colette

There are many software to graphically represent functions, but the result is not always satisfactory. It is not always possible to choose the color of the curve, graduated axes or numbered. It must be said that most asked of parameters and more software is complicated.

I'll introduce you to CavePlotter a windows software that allows to graphically represent functions to a variable in Cartesian coordinates. This CavePlotter software is available in the Store Windows and can run both on a Windows PC on a Windows phone.

You can use you calculator and plotter of curves. After pressing the button "graphic representation", you must first define a system of axes. To do this, you select Axes and press the Add button. You choose the position of your system of axes in the context of the image, the length, the color. Returning to the previous page, you should see axes. Then to the representative curve of a function in Cartesian coordinates, you must select "function", press the Add button, enter a function, terminals between which it will be traced and a step. The scale of the axes is realized by selecting Tick marks and the count is done by selecting two times Numbering (once for each axis.)

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